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New group starting January 9th, 2020. Call for details: 952.913.5403

 Unburied from Treasures
.A self-help and support group for people who have too much stuff. Would you like to learn tips on how to declutter and stop over-acquiring from people who know what it is like? This group will be limited to 10 participants. Each week we will discuss a new skill that will assist with the decluttering process and check -in with our individual progress, challenges, successes and goals.

Karen Eckstrom,LICSW, a licensed therapist who specializes in hoarding issues will facilitate the group.

This group offers a judgment-free evironment for people ready to make change in their life. We have an on going group, call for details (952.913.5403).

Sorry, we cannot take insurance for the group, we can for individual therapy. Cost is $15.00 per session.  Spots are filling fast call  952.913.5403 to reserve your spot today. Sorry, appointments for individual therapy and hoarding cannot be done online. Please call the office at 952.913.5403. For individual therapy we accept the following insurance: BCBS, Medicare, UCare, some MA's (call for details) Tricare


           Excessive attachment to possessions.

           Extreme clutter throughout the home's living
           Moving items or trash from one pile to another.
           Organizational difficulty.
           Difficulty permitting others to touch or move 
           accumulated items.
           Trouble making decisions difficult managing
           daily tasks.


           Cluttering and hoarding are irrational behavior.
           You cannot reason,threaten, coerce or convince
           a hoarder to stop.
           Cluttering and hoarding cannot be medicated
           You cannot stop a hoarder from hoarding.
           There are financial,social and emotional 
           ramifications to hoarding,both for the hoarder
           and family/friends of the hoarder.
           Cluttering and hoarding are often but not always
           accompanied  by OCD and /or ADD behaviors.


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